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Anthem Chiropractic​: Your Path to Wellness Through Chiropractic Care

The chiropractors and staff at Anthem Chiropractic are dedicated to helping patients get on the path to wellness through non-invasive methods. We have helped many people suffering from pain due to sports injuries, vehicular accidents, workplaces injuries and medical conditions like arthritis and degenerative disc disease. When you step into our facility in Henderson and Las Vegas, NV, expect a warm welcome and a thorough evaluation. Our experienced chiropractors complete a comprehensive exam, including orthopedic, physical and neurological. Depending on your condition, we may also complete imaging tests, such as X-rays or an MRI. Once we have all of the data and an accurate diagnosis, we create and implement a personalized treatment plan designed to treat the underlying cause of your neck and back pain, headaches or any type of spine condition that is causing your discomfort. At Anthem Chiropractic, we treat your pain and often integrate complementary treatments like massage therapy, rehab-physiotherapy and spinal decompression to enhance the effectiveness of a chiropractic adjustment.

We perform spine adjustments in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar areas to gently move the spine’s components into its proper position. With gentle manipulation and manual pressure, we are able to shift out-of-position discs that are irritating spinal components in the spinal canal, such as nerves and muscles. We also eliminate subluxations between discs to relieve chronic lower back pain.

Female in Henderson, NV suffering from neck pain

Chiropractic Care in Henderson

Our spinal decompression therapy treatments are highly effective for herniated disc, bulging disc, sciatica and neck and back pain. Spinal decompression therapy takes place on a special traction table and stretches the spine to create space between the spinal discs. This therapy also helps speed the healing process by delivering more nutrients and oxygen to the injured area. Massage therapy is the ideal adjunct therapy to chiropractic adjustment and spinal decompression. The kneading movements help relax muscles, reduce muscle spasms, boost the immune system and accelerate the body’s natural healing process by ramping up circulation.

Integrating rehab-physiotherapy exercise into your rehabilitation treatment program helps speed recovery from injuries. Often, injuries can result in inflammation and swelling that can trigger pain. Physiotherapy supports healing by reducing inflammation. With corrective exercises, mobility, flexibility and performing basic daily movements are improved.

Effective Chiropractic Care in Henderson

Turn to Anthem Chiropractic for an effective chiropractic care plan that will help eliminate your pain and enjoy life again. We have successfully handled challenging cases. Whether you are in pain due to an accident or medical condition, our dedicated team of professionals can diagnose the underlying problem and set an effective chiropractic care plan in place.

Chiropractic care is the ideal alternative to over-the-counter pain medications and invasive surgery. If you are in pain, call us to schedule a consultation. We will develop a treatment plan that’s made just for you. Get on the road to recovery with Anthem Chiropractic. You can contact us to schedule an appointment by calling 702-614-6777 . We look forward to meeting you! 

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"I have had back problems and had 2 surgeries and wanting a 3rd. Dr. Day provided a multidisciplinary plan that included chiropractic therapies and pain management. Pain management provided some immediate relief but I had residual pain in my right leg. Steroid injections failed. Dr Day recommended decompression table therapy and from the 1st session my leg pain was relieved. I continue with the decompression table therapy to ensure pain relief and to keep surgery at bay. Thank you Dr. Day!"

Louise K.

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