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Back Pain in Henderson Nevada

If you are experiencing lower back pain due to a sudden injury in Henderson Nevada- moving furniture, getting tackled or a nasty fall - you've probably already gone the route of self-care with rest, pain medication and perhaps a hot or cold pack. Chances are, you're still feeling discomfort, pinching or even lower mobility and flexibility despite taking these steps to correct your problem, better known as acute lower back pain. If you'd like to mitigate your painful symptoms with a method that lasts longer than a few aspirin, our dedicated team at Anthem Chiropractic is ready to help.

Examination and Adjustment

When you first make an appointment with us, you can expect an attentive listening ear from Dr. Day and our staff. Once the point of discomfort is determined, Dr. Day will use a hands-on adjustment technique to correct small misalignments in the spine you may have suffered, either from an incident or general wear and tear on your spine. Other methods, such as diagnostic X-rays, a treatment plan involving massage and rehabilitative exercises may also be incorporated on your path to wellness. These targeted treatments work to alleviate muscle tension, pinched nerves and more in your lower back, giving you your former flexibility and relieving pain as well.

Finding More Serious Sources of Back Pain

Alternately, after examination, our team may find that your acute low back pain is actually caused by a deeper, underlying issue such as a herniated disc. A herniation condition or a slipped disc can worsen over time without treatment, and resting or medication will not work to fix them. For the sake of your future back comfort and strength, it's important to rule out persistent chronic pain sources when seeking chiropractic treatment. At Anthem Chiropractic, we want to strengthen your spine with treatment as well as empower you with knowledge about the state of your body and musculoskeletal system.

It's Never "Too Late"

Come into our Henderson Nevada office as soon as possible after a potentially spine-impacting event like a fall or auto accident because there can be misalignments of the spine that can be corrected. With proper spinal alignment, even older injuries can benefit from regular chiropractic adjustments. In addition to the benefits you'll receive during your visit, you'll also be given guidance on stretches and exercises you can do at home to make the most of your range of motion and prevent further injuries from causing pain or discomfort. You'll be able to ask questions about your particular spinal condition, such as appropriate medication, diet, physical therapy and much more.

If you're tired of wincing every time you bend to tie your shoes or reach up to a shelf, put an end to that annoying, life-impacting pain by calling our caring team at Anthem Chiropractic today at 702-614-6777. We'll be happy to schedule your first appointment and help you feel like your "new self" again in no time!

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"I have had back problems and had 2 surgeries and wanting a 3rd. Dr. Day provided a multidisciplinary plan that included chiropractic therapies and pain management. Pain management provided some immediate relief but I had residual pain in my right leg. Steroid injections failed. Dr Day recommended decompression table therapy and from the 1st session my leg pain was relieved. I continue with the decompression table therapy to ensure pain relief and to keep surgery at bay. Thank you Dr. Day!"

Louise K.

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