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Henderson and Las Vegas Chiropractor – Anthem Chiropractic

Welcome and thank you for visiting the official site for Anthem Chiropractic. We are located in Henderson and Las Vegas Nevada and provide quality Chiropractic care.

If you're experiencing chronic pain - stiffness or pain in the muscles or joints of your body that is holding you back from enjoying your day-to-day activities - chiropractic care through Dr. Derek Day at Anthem Chiropractic will help realign your body with your lifestyle. Whether you're experiencing your spine or joint issues due to a trauma, accident or general life-related physical stress, our dedicated team can diagnose, treat and alleviate pain through powerful alternative therapies that don't rely on drugs or invasive surgeries. 

How Can Our Chiropractic Services Help You?

With a wide variety of treatments available to address your chronic pain, you won't face a "one size fits all" approach when you trust us to diagnose and care for your chronic body pain. From manual manipulations and adjustments to other alternatives to surgery such as massage therapy, you'll be able to restore important life quality facets such as range of motion, flexibility and relaxed muscles that won't turn a leisurely day out of the house into a night of tense, uncomfortable back spasms. If you've been practically living on over-the-counter pain medications to get through the day, isn't it time you looked into something a little more lasting? Let Dr. Day and his team help you understand why your chronic pain occurs, minimize its effects and prevent it from interrupting your life.

We also offer Massage Therapy, and Rehab-Physiotherapy. We place special emphasis on injury rehabilitation, Whiplash, Neck Pain, Back Pain, Auto Injury, Headaches, sports injuries, pinched nerves, Spinal Decompression, sciatica, and soft tissue injury. Our goal as a Henderson Chiropractor is a total body approach to wellness through disease prevention and nutrition.

We Want to be Your Chiropractor in Henderson and Las Vegas NV

Q. Is Chiropractic Safe?

A. Yes Chiropractic treatment is safe and effective. Statistics show that patient risks are substantially lower for chiropractic because prescription drugs and surgery are not used. Gentle Chiropractic is also safe for children.

Q. What is Chiropractic Adjustment?

A. Spinal Adjustment or manipulations is a simple “hands on” procedure that corrects misaligned vertebrae. This treatment restores range of motion and relaxes muscle tension. Adjustments can also be performed on other joints such as knees and shoulders.

Q. Can I go to my Chiropractor for Physical Therapy?

A. Absolutely, a chiropractor is trained in rehabilitation and preform many of the same procedures as a physical therapist. These procedures include muscle stimulation, ultrasound, and exercises to name a few.

Q. What types of education and training do chiropractors have?

A. A Chiropractor is educated as primary contact health care providers. Educational requirements for Doctors and Chiropractors are among the most stringent of any in the health care professionals. A typical Chiropractor has acquired nearly 4 years of pre-medical undergraduate study and 4 years academic professional study with an emphasis on clinical training.

At Anthem Chiropractic, we won't shy away from a challenging case. Even if you think your back problem is too challenging (it isn't!) or think it's been too long after a trauma has occurred to seek treatment (it hasn't!), contact our office and set up your first appointment. You'll be pleasantly surprised by our friendly and efficient team as well as your results when we help you implement your adjustments and treatment plan into your wellness goals. You've lived with the wincing, hissing and sighing long enough: it's time to show your chronic pain the door and reclaim your quality of life with the safe, effective treatments found in our chiropractic office. Give us a call at 702-614-6777 to discover what it's like to minimize or eliminate your chronic pain, all without a pill or scalpel!

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"I have had back problems and had 2 surgeries and wanting a 3rd. Dr. Day provided a multidisciplinary plan that included chiropractic therapies and pain management. Pain management provided some immediate relief but I had residual pain in my right leg. Steroid injections failed. Dr Day recommended decompression table therapy and from the 1st session my leg pain was relieved. I continue with the decompression table therapy to ensure pain relief and to keep surgery at bay. Thank you Dr. Day!"

Louise K.

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